Eco Gym Wipes Pk3


Eco Gym Wipes, Packet of 3, comes with a handy wash bag.

Eco Gym Wipes allow gym participants to clean down equipment post-use with a disinfectant using a reusable, machine washable and ethically produced eco-friendly cloth. An alternative to synthetic and single-use chemically derived cloths. Eco Gym Wipes are made from bamboo fabric and offer a superior choice for gym participants and gym operators through the delivery of health and sustainability in a more cost-effective manner than current alternatives.

• Eco Gym wipes come in a handy three-pack and one wash bag.
• Each wipe has a detachable hanging loop to attach the wipe conveniently onto gym equipment or towel care, giving you one less thing to carry around.
• The wash bag can also be used to transport your wipe to and from the gym, keeping a used wipe in your gym bag separate from personal belongings.


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